Posted by: mahlbrandt | December 12, 2008

List #84: What’s Different About This Christmas?


1. We are cat-free! I’m so excited about this because for the past 3 Christmases Berkley has knocked over our wobbly little 4 ft Christmas tree and broken tons of ornaments. For the past 2 Christmases I’ve had to put the extremely fragile antique/vintage Shiny Brite ornaments that I inherited from Granny up high, either hanging from the wall or windows. This year, I have a bunch hanging on the tree AND still have enough to hang some on the windows. I LOVE my Shiny Brite ornaments!!

2. We’re not buying gifts for our family and friends this year. We decided (and everyone agreed) that we don’t need more stuff!! Instead we’re donating money to charities and taking care of personal business. (Medical expenses should take precedent over buying a bubbling foot massager for your uncle, shouldn’t they?)

3. None of my family is traveling. Thankfully, we have some close family right here in Nashville and we’ll still be able to spend the day with my parents, Jason’s parents and Dan & Ginger. And we just saw the rest of my immediate family in Costa Rica and we’ll see them again over New Years in Philly for the wedding reception.

4. We’re sharing our home with some friends who are in the process of moving and renovating a house and they’ll be at our house through the Christmas season. Although they’re going out of town to visit family for the holiday, I hope we can share some other traditions with them—like Christmas cookies!

5. It’s not very cold outside. I’m not sure if this is really “different” since it’s never much of a “winter wonderland” in Nashville. It certainly makes Christmas sneak up on me every year! The leaves just changed and blew off the trees a month ago for goodness sake!

6. I’m not in the mood. I’m not sure why…maybe it’s a combination of the above…but I just can’t seem to get into the Christmas spirit this year. I’ve decorated. I filled candy dishes with red and green M&M’s. I’ve made Christmas cards. I’ve baked Christmas cookies. I even ordered a gift for Jason and I online (Seinfeld season 9!!) which is the extent of our Christmas shopping this year. Still no jolly. That’s ok with me though. I used to love Christmas for all the wrong reasons. I think I’m changing.






  1. Your decorations are lovely! I wish we could’ve gotten some of our family to agree on the no-gifts,thing… that’s a great idea.

    As far as Christmas “mood…” The ONLY thing that is keeping me going is seeing Ian’s excitement on Christmas morning when he sees the tree and all the presents. Really. Its the only reason I’m feeling Christmassy.

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