Posted by: mahlbrandt | December 23, 2008

List #86: Christmas Traditions from my Past


*=we still do/did this

Help Mom made sugar cookie cut-outs and make icing in all different colors to decorate the cookies. Top with sprinkles, of course!

*Decorate the Christmas tree and reminiscence about each ornament with Mom and Dad

*Eat Swedish meatballs on Christmas Eve (*my sister is making them for her new husband and my brother and his wife. it wouldn’t be Christmas eve without them!)

Open one gift on Christmas Eve (sometimes we couldn’t stop and ended up opening 2 or 3 each!)

Unload my stocking while waiting for everyone else to wake up

Open our gifts one at a time each taking turns. Mom always tried to make sure there were exactly the same number of gifts for each person. There always ended up being 3-5 extra for Mom because Dad went overboard!

Help my Dad do all of his Christmas shopping for Mom at the last minute

Wrap/help Dad wrap his presents for Mom

(post Grace Baptist days) Find a random church to go to a Christmas Eve candlelight service. This always ends up either painful or hilarious

*Family dinner on Christmas Day (at our house?) This will be the second year in a row Jason and I are hosting Christmas dinner for my parents, his parents, Dan & Ginger and this year, Ginger’s Dad

*Play games


  1. Merry Christmas!

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