Posted by: mahlbrandt | January 9, 2009

List #89: Recent Goings-On

1. Last weekend Jason and I went to Philly (also known as Filthadelphia) for my sister & brother-in-law (Jess & Jeff)’s wedding reception. We drove [correction: Jason drove] 14 hours each way so that we could save $250-$500 on plane tickets. For the record, gas and food on the road for a total of 28 hours/1600 miles cost less than $150. The reception was nice. It was a very short visit but I’m glad we were there. It was especially nice to see Aunt Janice and Wes, and my cousins Kathy, Amy and Dan.

2. The weekend before that we took a day trip to IKEA Cincinnati to meet Jeremy & Leila. We went to help them decide on and pack up their entire brand new kitchen and also to pick up a few things for ourselves including curtains for the living room. I honestly can’t think of anything else we bought but we were good and stuck to our $100 budget. On the way home, at approximately 2 am in Horse Cave, KY our car broke down…

3. We sat in Leila and Jeremy’s rented Penske truck and ate Jude’s Christmas cookies while we waited for help. We got towed 95 miles back to Nashville by a nice guy from Horse Cave named James. (Thanks, AAA for paying for the first FIVE miles…) We got home at 5:00 am I think. Slept until noon. The following day, we got a new alternator for our little green 2002 Ford Focus.

4. Two days later, we got new brakes on the same car. We’d been putting off this repair for a while but figured with the drive to Philly, better to do it sooner than later. So, a few hundred dollar maintenance on a 7 year old car with 110K miles is expected from time to time. Praise the Lord it’s paid off.

VALUABLE LESSON LEARNED For the possibly the first time ever, we had a “crisis” and we had more than enough money in the bank. Dave Ramsey recommends a started emergency fund of $1000 in the bank before tackling paying off debts. While it doesn’t feel good to have that money gone and spent, I’ve really come to appreciate this quote from Dave: “A crisis becomes an inconvenience when you have the money.” Thanks Dave! And thanks Granny and Papa!

5. Jason and I both have some really exciting things going on with our careers. It’s too early to share publicly yet but I can say that we are both super excited!! God is so faithful!

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