Posted by: mahlbrandt | January 30, 2009

List #93: What I Love About Today

It’s Sunny

I woke up this morning healthy and well-rested,
next to the man I love more than anything,
and a cuddly dog eager for my attention,
with a full-time job waiting for me

It’s Friday,
and I worked my butt off earlier this week
leaving me with a pleasantly light workload today

Jason and I have no plans for tonight
I love it when that happens
We’ll probably go on a date!

Our bills are paid
Our pantry is full
Our cars are still running

I have peace even though I don’t know what lies ahead
I have joy even though I was hit with some [more] bad news this week
I have life—and life abundant—because of my Savior
I have hope because I know He has a plan



  1. What a lovely day, indeed! So…I wanna know how to get Twitter on my WordPress. I can’t figure it out. Can you help me?

    *also wondering what the [more] bad news is*

    Have a great date night tonight!

  2. Sadly, I can’t remember exactly how I got my twitter feed on there. It was a combination of adding a widget in WordPress (RSS). Also, in Twitter: Click on “Settings.” Under the “Account” tab, below “More Info URL:” there is a link that says “(You can also add twitter to your site here.)” I think that’s where I got the URL for the RSS feed. If that doesn’t work, let me know and I’ll dig deeper.

    More bad news = company-wide 5% pay cut. We found out on Wednesday. Effective Feb. 1st.

  3. Lame-o on the pay cut. *sighs at all of it*

    Thanks for the Twitter, info. I kinda knew most of that. Just haven’t taken the time to put it all together.

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