Posted by: mahlbrandt | January 30, 2009

List #94: Why Lucy Should be Daddy’s Valentine


1. Lucy is very mild-mannered cocker spaniel and she loves to play with balanced energy dogs. Daddy would be a perfect match for her!

2. Lucy loves belly rubs just as much as Daddy. A perfect “date” would involve both dogs getting simultaneous belly rubs after a walk in the park.

3. “One of Daddy’s remarkable traits is his extreme tolerance for smaller dogs.” That’s good because Lucy is only 20 pound but despite her small size, she likes to test her dominance with large dogs. Daddy would probably shake off her silly “flirting” antics and they’d be back to belly rubs in no time.

4. Opposites attract, right? Daddy is big and gentle with smooth, short hair and small, spiked ears. Lucy is small and cuddly with soft, fuzzy hair and long, floppy ears.

5. Lucy went through a dramatic transformation, too! When she was first adopted 2 years ago at age 2.5, she had been badly neglected and was terrified of most people. Her coat was unhealthy and her ears were severely matted but she was scared to death of the electric clippers and went into a panic attack at the groomer. Her new owners were very patient with her as she became more confident and less fearful. Best of all, her new owners taught her how to walk, listen to commands and play! Lucy appeared to have no prior experience on a leash, with house training or playing with a toy. She’s so happy now that she’s getting the right mix of exercise, discipline and affection!

You can read more about Daddy here.

You can read more about Lucy’s adoption story here.

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