Posted by: mahlbrandt | February 16, 2009

List #99: A Wonderful, Project-Full, Lovely Weekend:

Friday Night:
We picked up a Roma pizza and ate at home.
I think banana peppers and bacon may be our new favorite topping combination. Jason and I decided to start out the weekend productive and economical. Rather than going out to eat, as usual. Once we were full…

We did our taxes.
It really, really makes me angry that our tax system is so complicated. Aside from that, I’m glad they’re done and we had enough withheld. We’re even getting a small bit back. Yay! Then…

Jason and I made painting!
Or is it painted a painting? Created art? Anyway, we’ve been wanting to put something big and dynamic on the large, empty wall in our living room. We salvaged a good sized piece of wood from another home project and Friday night we got out the paints and let loose. (We REALLY needed a right brain exercise after doing our taxes!) It was so much fun! We decided we need to do that more often and we’re planning to paint several more. Want one? After that…

We snuck over to my parent’s hot tub.
(We have their permission to do this.) It was almost midnight so we just parked in their driveway, let ourselves through the fence and hopped in the tub! It doesn’t wake them up. Same goes for the pool in the summer… I can’t wait for summer!!

Blueberry Pancakes!
After sleeping in until 10:30 or so, I got up and made blueberry pancakes for breakfast. Yummy. Then…

We helped our friend Lindsay hang a mirror and a framed print at her apartment.
Beforehand we met at Michael’s to get some hanging supplies for her pieces and for our painting. On the way home…

We hit up the thrift stores on Charlotte Ave. for a quick treasure hunt.
Nothing too interesting but we did get some tongs for the grill for $0.69.


Back at home, we ate left over pizza for a late lunch.
(Unrelated to pizza, this cherry tree in 5-points is seriously blooming. In mid-February! Spring! Spring! Spring!)


I assisted/supervised as Jason cut a block out of our concrete back patio for a built in planter.
As the sun went down it started getting chilly so we saved the sledge hammering for another day. After that…

We hung our new painting in the living room and then slightly rearranged the furniture. The we just sat for a little while and rested.


Time for a romantic home-cooked dinner!
Jason grilled steaks and sauteed mushrooms while I made rice. Leila insisted that we light a candle with our lovely dinner even though her and Jeremy were sitting at the other end of the table eating Chinese takeout! (They offered to leave but we’re really not into Valentine’s day productions and formalities. Just another wonderful dinner cooked by my Love like any other day.)

Even though Jason and I were determined to avoid the TV this weekend, I did get sucked into Leila and Jeremy’s American Idol marathon. Jason mixed up paint for the front door and then give in to the TV too.

Seinfeld sleepover!
After L&J retired, we resorted back to our old weekend tradition (pre-L&J/pre-digital cable/pre-DVR/pre-huge TV) of falling asleep on the couch watching Seinfeld.

Went to church at Grace Church.
Even though we were 10 minutes later the ushers still found us 2 seats in the middle of a back row. Have I ever mentioned that our church has the best ushers of anywhere I’ve ever been? They do an awesome job of puzzling people into every last seat. The service was great as usual. Lindell continued his series on Praise.

We picked up lunch at Blue Coast Burrito.
It’s the first time we’d been there and we were happy to discover it’s almost exactly like Baja Burrito (the original, which is closed on Sundays). It was too crowded to sit so we took it home.

I took a photo of my parents.
I designed a calling card for them back in the fall to hand out when they go to all of their conferences and mission trips but they needed an updated photo to reflect their new look. Doesn’t my mom look regal with her “crown of glory”? I like it! (By the way, they’re in front of our Winter Honeysuckle bush. It blooms in the winter and smells like fruit loops!)


Meanwhile Jason dusted and vacuumed. God, I love that man!

Dog park!
We met Dan and Ginger and Marty at the dog park with Lucy. Lucy is typically very shy and just sits by our feet the whole time. She actually got brave yesterday and took off chasing after a few huge dogs. Mostly she just dog-watches and people-watches, like us! Her cousin, Marty, on the other hand, is quite the social butterfly—chasing after other dogs, mediating fights, getting humped way too often and visiting any person who will give him affection.

Then to Cinco de Mayo to meet Leila and Jeremy.
Jason and I didn’t get dinner (see Blue Coast Burrito above) but we enjoyed visiting with the old gang. The six of us used to spend every Thursday night and Sunday afternoon together. I’m guessing in a month or two we’ll be back at it.

Finally we went back home to just relax. Actually Jason put a first coat of paint on the front door and I started the laundry and finished cleaning up the laundry room. But after that I curled up in bed with Real Simple and fell asleep before 10 pm. (I can’t remember the last time I’ve done that!)


  1. You asked if anyone wanted a painting. My answer is YES! The one you two made looks really neat! And it’s also neat to read about how much Jason does: cooking and dusting. Awesome husband!

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