Posted by: mahlbrandt | March 4, 2009

List #101: Yellow

I seem to be drawn to yellow everywhere I turn these days! Here are some the the yellow things I found inside and outside my home this morning:


I love this forsythia more and more every day. These clippings were taken (stolen) from my dear friend Renata’s backyard. They’re moving so I didn’t think they would mind.  (Tall pitcher is from an estate sale last fall. I hadn’t figured out what to use it for but it makes a great vase!)


This fondue pot is also from aforementioned estate sale. It inspired following 2 yellow items:


We matched the paint exactly to the fondue pot, however it looks too acidic on the door. We concocted a more mustardy color by adding red paint and Jason is going to repaint it tomorrow when it’s finally warm enough again.


Jason helped me pick out this fabric on Sunday and I made these new throw pillows for our couch. They only cost $2 each to make! I plan to make 2 more in complementary patterns.


Jason spotted this lamp through the front window of an antique/junk store a few weeks ago. We still haven’t found a shade for it so it’s been tucked in the bottom corner of our bookshelf. (In case you’re wondering, the photo on the left is my dad’s parents and the right is my mom’s parents.)


The fruit bowl is ALL yellow today! I love grapefruit and they’re cheap this time of year so I got a bag. We pretty much always have bananas hanging around too.


Our new vinyl vintage sofa is looking cool in Jason’s studio. I blogged about it here.


These new glasses I got back in November are quite possible what started me on this yellow kick!

By the way, if you didn’t see my 100th list post: 100 Favorites, please check it out and leave a comment to say hi! I accidently posted it before it was done so it got messed up in blog readers nationwide. It took me several days to make this list and I didn’t get a single comment. {sniffle, sniffle}


  1. The forsythia is blooming already???? Wow!!! I’m longing for spring!

    • Yes! I LOVE spring in Nashville! The cherry trees are flowering (my favorites!), the forsythia, the winter honeysuckles, the daffodils…and I’m sure many more will start blooming soon since it’s supposed to be in the 70’s this weekend. You guys should come down and visit sometime!!

  2. yellow is fantastic! :] i love all of your yellow trinkets. fun!

  3. i love this yellow! i’m on an orange kick right now. i love random spots of bold colors! i love the lamp, the vase [i know it isn’t yellow but oh well] and the couch is cool too!!!

  4. maybe we will! Except I’m certain my 22 month old would totally break all of your pretty things.

  5. […] 2. This yellow dress from Anthropologie. I think it’s because of my recent yellow fixation. […]

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