Posted by: mahlbrandt | March 12, 2009

List #102: Ten Designs That Make Me Swoon

{at least for today.}

1. This Photo. It’s from a series called The Art of Display on one of my favorite blogs, PoppyTalk. I love the varying shades of green and yellow. I think I might try to do something like this at home. The original photo is from here.


2. This yellow dress from Anthropologie. I think it’s because of my recent yellow fixation.


3. This hat from Anthropologie. I like hats. And buttons. I noticed yesterday that Target has some cute hats too.


4. In the process of researching digital magazines (for the CCM digital New Release guide I’m working on) I discovered IKEA Family Live magazine. It comes in print form too but it’s a British mag so I don’t think they’d deliver here. The digital edition is pretty sweet, though, and free. I love this spread. I need to make a collage of framed photos somewhere in my house. I haven’t figured out where yet.


5. Every once in a while while I’m scouring stock photo sites for YouthWorker Journal or Preaching magazine (at the job), I come across a photo that I just really like. This is one of them. I love the colors. I love the aged feel. I love the vast expanse.


6. Also from PoppyTalk, I LOVE these idea journals with a graphic sewing machine. I have a tote back with a screen-printed graphic sewing machine on it. I like graphic sewing machines. I’m not sure why…maybe it’s the shape, maybe it’s my intimate aquantence, maybe it’s because it’s a “machine” yet it’s used primarily by women to create beautiful things…I’m going to have to explore this more.


7. This fabric from Hable Construction, as seen on Design* (which one of the 2 blogs I don’t think I could LIVE without. The other is It’s pretty. I want to make things out of it.


8. Painted clear contact paper on windows. I’m going to do this. I just haven’t figured out where yet. Maybe on the door of Jason’s studio. From Design*Sponge DIY.


9. And although I’ve mentioned it before (here) I’m still swooning over these rain boots…


10. …and this Orla Kiely serving platter from Target. Blogged here.


11. [BONUS] Gosig Spaniel from IKEA.  Ok, isn’t this just the cutest thing? I mean, it’s almost identical to Lucy: long, floppy ears; shaggy brown hair; sad brown eyes. The only mismatch is the tail. I bet I could fix that… I must have this stuffed dog. I don’t think we’re going to Atlanta anytime soon. Somebody help me! Jessica?



  1. I LOVE THAT DRESS!! i’ve been envisioning a similar type style BLOUSE with a chunky brown belt that i want to wear with the new shoes i posted a couple days ago [they are purple/green/yellow] and a brown skirt i never wear 😦 i think it would be a super cute combo. buuut, i dont know if ive ever seen the blouse, just made it up in my head.

  2. I think we’re going to Ikea this weekend 😉

  3. Those rain boots look really neat. And I love the button hat! I’ve recently rekindled a hat affection. There’s a store here in the Boro that sells really neat hats.

  4. Hi Martina,

    Was poking around in the blogosphere and came across your post about the Hable fabrics. Thanks for the mention!


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