Posted by: mahlbrandt | March 17, 2009

List #103: Why I Don’t Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day


1. I’m not Irish

2. I don’t like hanging out at bars

3. I don’t like being around drunk people

4. I’m not in elementary school {where every holiday is celebrated}


  1. this was hilarious. i agree with you 🙂 i normally dont even go out on st pattys, but last night i happened to be out downtown visiting a friend in the hospital, and it was so oddly warm here (normally its snowing on st pattys) the green crazies were all out in mass herds. it was wild.

  2. i think you celebrated it perfectly. with a picture of a shamrock drawn in green hi-lighter.

    i celebrated with potato soup, green chocolate chip cookies and falling asleep at 730.

    • Haha — thanks! Umm, i love potato soup!

  3. Rachel — funny! Erie does go crazy for St. Patty’s! It must be all the Irish Catholics or something. Seems like it’s not as big of a deal down in Nashville. (Of course I wasn’t downtown last night so I could be wrong!)

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