Posted by: mahlbrandt | April 16, 2009

List #107: How Coco is Different Than Lucy


Some observations from the past 2 days. Probably more than you care to know but I’m sharing anyway!

Obviously Coco is buff/blonde/white and Lucy is chocolate brown.

Coco is bigger. We’re guessing she weighs 5-10 lbs. more than Lucy and is definitely an inch or 2 longer. They look the same height but Coco’s head and paws are definitely bigger.

Lucy’s hair is all fuzzy thick undercoat and she hardly sheds. When she does it’s little brown fuzzies. Coco’s hair is more hairlike. It’s very soft like Lucy’s but much longer and straighter. She’s been shedding quite a bit. We’re hoping once things calm down a little more, she grows out of puppyhood and her better quality food starts affecting her coat — the shedding will lessen. Also, I should point out that Coco has long soft white hair on the back of her hair which spikes up and looks like a crown when she shakes her head. It can easier be hawked, too!
Everything in our house is brown: dark stained wood floors, dark gray/brown couch, chocolate brown comforter on our bed. While Lucy’s hair was unnoticable, Coco’s definitely shows up!

Coco is a puppy has has lots of energy BUT she’s calmer! We didn’t realize how antsy Lucy is, especially while doing tricks. Lucy gets SO excited while Coco takes it slow, thinks about the command and then calmly responds. Coco could sit on your feet calmly and be pet for hours. Lucy doesn’t sit still unless she’s sleeping (which is pretty often). Lucy is always wagging her tail. Coco wags for Lucy but not so much for Jason and I. We’re confident that will change! She’s not very self-assured yet. When we got Lucy she was very fearful: of people, then just of men, of the hair clippers… Now she is very confident around new people and lets us clip her hair. Coco is not quite as scared of new people as Lucy was but she definitely has a ways to go and unfortunately, she is also terrified of the hair clippers.

Coco loves a tennis ball! Growing up with a cocker spaniel I assumed all dogs adored fetching a bouncy yellow ball as much as old Tucker did. Lucy will chase after a ball but won’t bring it back. Coco, on the other hand, understands the game and loves to retrieve. I even caught her playing by herself this morning: dropping the ball, chasing it, kicking it, chasing it. They both have the signature long floppy ears although Coco’s hair is straight and Lucy’s is curly. Also, Lucy’s ear openings are small and crowded with hair (hence the chronic ear infections) while Coco’s ears are hairless underneath and have big, clear openings. Of course they both have stubby docked tails, too.

Jason and I love our little Lucy-bear dearly but it seems quite clear that Coco is smarter. She picks up very quickly on routines and commands. Last night she learned “Lay” and “Stay” and she’s learning to lie and be submissive before getting to eat her food. Both dogs have a very strong desire to please so they’re both general obedient.

Lucy started out at 2.5 yrs with no experience walking on a leash. Being generally fearful and lacking self-esteem, she followed behind my feet. Gradually, as she got more confident she started walking out front and was easily transitioned into “heeling” beside me when we walk. She rarely pulls. Coco pulls and jumps and walks in circles! She needs some practice and it’s going to be tricky walking them at the same time until she improves. It’s very awkward to have one leash tense and constantly pulling Coco back in line while the other leash is slack while Lucy trots along beside me.

Lucy stays in a crate while we’re not home. She likes her crate. She naps. She never resists going in. Left out she gets bored or anxious (or something!) and gets into things and pees on the floor. Coco goes in her crate without a fight but whiles and claws at the door. She got out last night while we weren’t home and apparently didn’t get into anything or have any accidents. Just a warm spot on the couch!

I promise I’ll take some better pictures this weekend with my real camera, not just my crappy phone camera!



  1. Very interesting. Some days, my roommate wants another dog. It’d be fun…yet…a lot of work at the same time. Our dog Zane gets bored all by himself.

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