Posted by: mahlbrandt | April 23, 2009

New Wedding Stationery Set & Rockstar Flashcards

I realized it’s been almost 2 months since I posted about my first 2 wedding stationery sets for sale in my shop. I’ve sold several order for the Love Birds set and the feeling is so exhilerating! It drives me to create more designs and when I am not so busy filling orders and doing other freelance (Praise God for jobs!) I have lots of plans for marketing. I hit some bumps filling my first order and I learned a ton in the process.

Here is a new set I just finished designing called “Elegant Flowers”:


(Please let me know what you think!) It’s for sale here.

Then, there is this set that I actually designed months ago but just finished up a few weeks ago and put up for sale here. It’s called “Retro Starburst.”


And, I’m working on another design that I plan to upload to my shop over the weekend called “Bicycle Built for Two”. Here’s a sneak peak (screen shot from Illustrator!):


Also, I am please to annouce a new line of paper goods I’m selling: the RockStar Flashcard series! I’ve been developing this idea for a while and coming up with rockstar instruments/gear/tools that start with every letter A-Z has been a challenge. I’m excited about this venture. So far I have finished designs for A, E, J and M (the most popular letters for first names) and each of those are available (or will soon be available) for purchase at my shop. I’ll be working on the rest of the alphabet soon! Any requests? If you’re curious what I’m planning for the other 22 letters (and to see which ones I’m still stumped on) please visit and click on the rockstar flashcard button!


Your feedback on any of the designs is greatly appreciated. Thanks!!


  1. the rockstar flashcards are awesome! i especially love how the jazzaphone and microphone look on the card.

    we are using a glockenspiel in church on sunday! which i kept calling a xylophone…you probably aren’t stumped on “G”. 🙂

  2. this is all so great martina! fantastic work. i love the color scheme of them all, especially the rockstar/letter flashcards.

    beautiful – you are pumping out awesome work!

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