Posted by: mahlbrandt | April 27, 2009

Free Customer Service Lesson: Leave me alone!

Sometimes good customer service means “Leave me alone!” and let me shop in peace!

A lot of places have been trying to amp up their customer service quality lately—and I’m all for that. But, has anyone else noticed at Target or other stores the employees constantly asking “Do you need help finding anything?”

What drives me nuts (and the reason I’m ranting) is that it’s not that hard to figure out if someone needs help or not. If I’m making a bee-line from the women’s section (with a new bikini in hand found in the clearance section – only $18!) straight to the automotive section to pick up some antifreeze, do I LOOK like I need help finding anything? With antifreeze in one hand and navy blue polka dot bikini in the other hand, charging down the isle toward the paper towels, again, do I LOOK like I need help finding something?!

On the other hand, if I’m walking back and forth past the same aisles 3x with a bewildered look on my face, I probably can’t find the oatmeal—and YES, I would like some help finding something. (Sunday)

I worked in retail all through college at A.C.Moore Arts & Crafts and Michael’s Arts & Crafts. I was so thankful when we watched a customer service video at Michael’s explaining why you should NOT ask people if they need help finding something because it’s ANNOYING! What you SHOULD do is smile and say hello. Just acknowledging the customer and being friendly lets them know you are available if they need help.

‘Nough said!


  1. Martina, so glad to come across your funny blog. LOVE IT! come check mine out sometime!

  2. I must be such a disaster (2 screaming kids in the double stroller, etc.) that they don’t want to go there. Nobody ever asks me. I guess I’m glad, though, because that does sound really annoying!

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