Posted by: mahlbrandt | May 4, 2009

List #110: Weekend Highlights

• Friday evening Jason and I helped our friend Jeremy construct his kitchen (the guys installed cabinets while I put in some shelves and tried to figure out what doors fit with which cabinets.)

• After I shrieked “A rat! A huge rat!” (and almost gave Jason a heart attack!) I accurately described it as salt & pepper gray with a white face. Doesn’t sound like a rat, does it? We discovered 2 baby possums hiding out in J&L’s addition/former garage/unfinished storage room. Kinda cute. But mostly disgusting.


• Cinco de Mayo (it was actually Uno de Mayo) for a late late dinner with Jeremy and Leila. Olé!

• Saturday morning movie: Star Trek with friends Jon and Katelyn. Jason got free movies from work so he invited the biggest Star Trek fan we know. The movie was great and actually did not require any previous knowledge of the Star Trek series to be enjoyed.

• Saturday afternoon while Jason was at a meeting I made the flourless peanut butter cookies I blogged about the other day and coffee cake. I also did laundry and paid the bills. Kind of a drowsy, rainy Saturday afternoon. The cookies were delicious though!

• Saturday night Jason coerced me into working on a new design for Waterside’s myspace and website. I’m still working on it but there is an intermediate version on both pages now. (I say “coerced” only because it was 9pm on a Saturday night and I was suffering from a I’ve-been-coughing-for-10-days-straight headache. I’m happy to report my cold is 95% gone!)

• Church was wonderful Sunday morning. I wish I had caught the speaker’s full name. His first name is Enrique and he’s a pastor from Mexico. His message was really, really good and as usual I am so thankful for my church!

• Because one can never have too much Mexican, we went to Pueblo Real with Jon & Katelyn. Yum! (I had the left overs for lunch today!)  AND, we had ice cream cake left over from Katelyn’s birthday on Friday (Happy Birthday!!). Then, we watched Brian Regan “I Walked On The Moon” until we laughed so hard it hurt! Wow! Funny guy!

• Back in the ‘hood, we went to Ugly Mugs with Dan, Ginger, Leila and Jeremy because quite frankly, what else would you rather do on a rainy afternoon/evening? We played UNO until it got late.

It was a very full & fun weekend and a nice break from the intense home project-filled weekends of the past month or so. Sorry, I didn’t take any pictures. 😦


  1. awe i wanted to see pics of the KITCHEN!! 🙂

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