Posted by: mahlbrandt | May 6, 2009

House Renovation Pictures

(Not our house; our friends’ house)

Last night Jason and I were over at the house of our dear friends, current housemates, and soon-to-be-neighbors Leila and Jeremy. I painted a bathroom while Jason and Leila primed over the pink walls of “Kendra’s room.” After that Jason and Leila painted the den while I put shelves in the upper kitchen cabinets and Jeremy crawled around in the attic trying to wire some lights, almost got shocked and knocked the breaker off. Good times.

Because Amy requested kitchen pictures, I snapped a few with my crappy camera phone:


The kitchen cabinets are from IKEA: Nexus flat front doors/drawer fronts in black-brown stain. Very sexy. (They’ll have simple silver handles.) The bottom cabinets won’t be completed until after the wood floors are refinished next week. Countertops yet to be determined. The kitchen walls are a soft turquoise. From where I’m standing the former garage/now addition is behind me, the dining room is directly left, the living room is 10 o’clock and the den is directly on the other side of the kitchen (see Jason painting?).


Leila painting the den. Can you believe Jason and Leila painted the whole room with 1/2 gallon of paint left over from years ago? Porter paint is unbelievable! Fireplace to the left, half covered with a piece of cardboard, looking into the kitchen.


  1. awesome!!! so excited you put them up for me 🙂

    do you guys have ikea cabinets? if so, how do they hold up? i think they are beautiful but i’ve heard they don’t stand the test of time too well.

  2. Maybe I’ll take my real camera over the weekend and try to get some more color-accurate shots.

    Yes, we have IKEA cabinets in our kitchen too. We’ve only had 1 problem. We have 2 horizontal cabinets that open up-wards (does that make any sense?). They are supposed to lock in the open position and 1 of the hinges broke so the cabinet won’t stay open. We’ve tried to get the hinge replaced and IKEA no longer makes it (duh) but they can’t replace it?! It’s annoying. That’s my only problem though. Everything else works and looks great after 2+ years. I especially love the pull out pantry drawer cabinet.

    Photo of the problem cabinet I’m referring to (it’s the one with the glass front):

  3. your cabinets look awesome! i thought they were ikea. beautiful!! i swear if i ever get down to nashville…def want to visit you guys and see that awesome house!

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