Posted by: mahlbrandt | May 22, 2009

3653 Lovely Days

10 Years Ago today, on May 22, 1999, Jason and I went on our first date.

It was a double date with our friends Matt and Lindsay (unbeknownst to Matt). Jason was 16 and the only one of us old enough to drive. He picked me up and like a proper teenage boy, he came in and made conversation with my parents for a few minutes. Have I mentioned I was 14? Yeah. So then we picked up Lindsay and then Matt. We went to the mall for a few minutes and then to see She’s All That at the Dollar Theater (showing movies several months after the regular theater). The song at the end “Kiss Me” by Sixpence None the Richer, was very special to me. I was already a Sixpence fan and earlier that month Jason had played that song at a youth group event with our friend Rachel. After the movie we went to Burger King for a late snack and then we all headed over to Emily’s house — another friend from our youth group.

Jason wrote a song for me once. Back around the time we started dating. It’s called “Lovely Day” and the chorus (which is all I can remember) says “Lovely day, I get to see your face again.”

Thank you for 3653 Lovely Days!



  1. owwww so sweet! love it!

  2. awe! so awesome. 🙂 congrats on 3653 lovely days! 🙂

  3. […] lot on the phone everyday after school, on AIM at night before bed. We had gone on at least 1 date (the previous Saturday), maybe 2. It was a Saturday night and we had been hanging out all afternoon and evening — went […]

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