Posted by: mahlbrandt | May 29, 2009

10 Years

10 Years Ago today, on May 29, 1999, I said “Yes” to Jason.

We had been “talking” (to use a 2009 term) for 2 weeks — and we did talk a lot on the phone everyday after school, on AIM at night before bed. We had gone on at least 1 date (the previous Saturday), maybe 2. It was a Saturday night and we had been hanging out all afternoon and evening — went to the beach, had dinner with my parents, watched a movie and some TV (a little Emeril I’m pretty sure). It was almost time for Jason to head home for the night when he asked:

“Do you want to kick it up a notch? Make this official?”

For a decade it’s been official. I am officially crazy in love with this guy. The past 10 years have been more wonderful, fun, painful and beautifully messy than I ever could have imagined.

Hand-in-hand we’ve trudged through 10 years of our lives together —

dressing up for (approx. 10) high school dances

attending the funerals of Jason’s friend and my Papa and Jason’s Grandpa

celebrating high school graduations

floating blissfully through our engagement and wedding

spending a week in Myrtle Beach on our honeymoon and still feeling like kids

fighting through a good part of our first year

learning so much about ourselves and each other and Father and needs that a spouse can’t fill

tragically watching our first pet kitten Mabel die in our arms after we’d had a big fight and realizing how delicate life is

learning to budget and pay bills and keep house

celebrating our older brothers’ weddings

buying our first car

moving to a city and college where we didn’t know ANYONE and getting an apartment and jobs and learning our way around town

waiting months before making our first friends in Nashville

going to 100’s of Waterside (Jason’s band) shows in PA, TN, OH, VA, AR, IL, WI, IN, NC…

buying our first house

celebrating another brother’s wedding

making lifelong friends

graduating from art school

discovering our love for sushi

Jason playing sessions with worship bands and washed-up CCM artists and break out country bands

observing and supporting as Jason’s band was courted by record labels

getting my first “real” job and buying our next house (during the same week)

adopting our “rescue” cocker spaniel Lucy

becoming obsessed with the Fire Cracker Maki roll from Ru San’s

finally finding a church home at Grace Church

making more amazing friends

learning to worship God the way He likes it

taking our first week long beach vacation alone (since our honeymoon)

praying our way through many bumps and bruises

deciding to never give up on each other no matter how bad it hurts sometimes

taking numerous road trips – often to Atlanta just for the day – and getting into deep and pivotal conversations in the car and coming home knowing and loving each other even better than before

holding Granny’s hand as Jason hugged my shoulders and we watched my grandmother take her last breath and then crying with each other (and my aunt) for hours

turning our 1955 brick ranch into a magazine-worthy “atomic ranch” and finding a new hobby together in collecting and restoring vintage pieces

enjoying our beautiful garden (all thanks to Jason’s hard work)

going to Costa Rica to celebrate my sister’s wedding

adopting a second cocker spaniel – Coco – from Jason’s grandma

waking up each lovely day with a full heart as I gaze over at the man I love…


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