Posted by: mahlbrandt | June 2, 2009

List #112: What I Got (This Weekend)

I got…

1. Ice cream from Bobby’s Dairy Dip with Jason

(from flickr)

2. A long night walk in Centennial Park with Jason, Dan, Ginger and 3 pups: Marty, Coco and Lucy.

3. A new wedding stationery set design (in the a.m. hours of Friday night)


4. A booth at my first ever bridal show! My East Nashville Wedding


5. Some new customers for wedding invitations, a baby announcement and some design work for a florist and photographer – I hope!

6. A sunburn on my shoulders

7. A lime-blackberry Las Paletas popsicle at Bongo Java

8. To hear Jason play twice (or 4x): in a “Battle of the Wedding Bands” with My Morning Coffee (jazz trio) and with solo artist Michael Land. Then later at Maxximo Jo’s with both bands


8. A new friend. I mentioned a few weeks ago that we heard him play at Ugly Mugs and really enjoyed his music but I had forgotten his name. We spent quite a bit of time with Michael on Saturday and enjoyed making a new friend. He’s from Missouri and he and his wife have 5 kids. Five kids all under the age of 6! He said if Jason and I were on their schedule we’d have 3 kids by now! Check out his music. It sounds a lot like Marc Broussard and Jon McLaughlin:


9. To worship God without restraint and to learn about living by the Spirit rather than being driving by soul (mind, will and emotions). I also got to see lots of lovely friends!

10. A good workout canoeing in the Harpeth with our friends Jonathan, Katelyn and her bro Kenton. It was actually very relaxing and fun (not too much work!) Notice my George Washington pose and Katelyn’s 30 wk pregnant belly?


11. Very little sleep

12. Lots of quality time with my favorite guy in the world doing things we love to do!

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