Posted by: mahlbrandt | June 25, 2009

List #115: Randomness

(As if MOST of my blog entries are not randomness…)

* I have a BUNCH of pregnant friends. Like 4 good friends and approx. 4 other acquaintances, former classmates, and extended family members. One of them just had her baby on Monday. Congrats Laura and Jeff!! I can’t wait to meet Jenna Diane.

Sidenote: Does this make me want to have a baby, you ask? Yes. And I have to remind myself daily that there is no hurry! Jason and I still have plenty of time.

* Tomorrow Jason and I are going to visit one of my other prego pals and her hubby for the weekend in Cincinnati! Renata and Sean just bought a new house and although they won’t be moved in yet, we’re so excited to check out the new place. It’s a MCM quad-level. Also on the itinerary: IKEA.

• My big brother and his wife also bought a house this week in Emmaus, PA. Yay Aaron & Laura! Your special cocker spaniel housewarming gift should be coming next weekend. (In other words, they have graciously agreed to adopt Coco. We are so relieved and I’m excited for them. I think/hope they’ll be a great fit.)

* I’m 25! A quarter century down, three-quarters left to go. 😉 I am blessed beyond measure with the most wonderful friends and family!! I stopped short of inviting everyone I know to my birthday patio party and I still ended up with more people than I had time to visit with. I love each and every one so much. I thank God every day for YOU!

* On my actual birthday (Friday June 19th) I spent the day with my parents: eating cake and floating around in the swimming pool. The evening was spent worshiping for hours at Encounter. Jason was playing in the band so I didn’t get to spend much (or any) 1-on-1 time with him but seeing him up there pouring his heart out to God and hearing his exciting retelling of the 2 previous nights was such a gift for me. I am so thankful for God’s salvation for me but when I think about the man I love so much and reflect on God’s salvation for Jason and all He’s done in his life—I can’t help but cry sweet tears of joy! God is so good.

* My parent’s pool is up to 90º. At night when the air temp finally drops below 90º the water feels even more fabulous – warmer than the air!! Tonight I’ve invited some friends to come swimming with me and Jason. I’m excited to see how  2-year-old Max likes the warm water!

* I have not been taking many pictures lately. I apologize. All my favorite blogs are based around fun, creative, cute and interesting photos. I wish I had a better camera on my phone because I just don’t feel like lugging my good camera around with me everywhere. Someday… I promise! Maybe when I get an iPhone. (Note to self: Bring camera this weekend!)

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